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Cancellation Policies


As a Payment Management Services for various organisations and institutions, we have our cancelation policies for courses and conferences fees, and various books and publications. 


  1. Cancellation Policy for Courses and Conferences

At the discretion of the Conference Organising Committee, up to a maximum of 25% refund is payable prior to the first day of the course or conference and no refund as from the first day of the conference.

Courses or conference fees are variable depending on venues, duration and locations. The current fees for four days conferences are as follows (please note that this is issued as a guide):


1.1.  For Conferences 


Fees conferences lasting for up to four days.


Member of any Professional body:

from £505.00  to £525.00


from £530.00  to £555.00

Student Member:

from £250.00  to £270.00

Student Non-member:

from £280.00  to £300.00

Accompanying Person :

from £280.00  to £300.00









For more details on teh cancellation policiy for courses and conferences, please visit:  

  1. 2.   For Courses 


Fees for courses lasting 28 to 30 days with certificates


Member of any Professional body:

from £2200.00  to £2225.00


from £2300.00  to £2400.00

Student Member:

from £1700.00  to £1800.00

Student Non-member:

from £1850.00  to £1900.00

Accompanying Person :

from £1810.00  to £1910.00









2.  Cancellation Policy for Books and publication materials


There will be no refund for books purchased and despatched, as services and postages expenses have been incurred. There is full refunds for book(s) and publication materials ordered, but not delivered, unless fees for services charged were incurred by the card payment processing company,  then the card payment processing company service charge,  plus 10% fee would be deducted, and the balance would be returned back to the client. In addition, cost for postages will be deducted accordingly.



2.1. Cost of books and published materials


The prices for books range from £4.99 to £99.00.


The prices for published materials range from £1.99 to £50.00.




3. Cancellation Policy for Medical, Health and Social Care Services


3.1. Where services have been rendered for administration, referrals, completions and processing of forms, writing and compiling of reports, liaising with other organisations and agencies, including governmental and non-governmental institutions, hospitals, clinics, surgeries, medical personnel, healthcare professionals, therapists and other disciplines allied to medical, health and social care, and others in the process, there will be charges involves, which must be recovered from the client.


3.2. Where a retainer is received from a client, and services were rendered, the cost of the services rendered will be deducted from the retainer or fund.


3.4. Where it was discovered that false information was provided by a client, no refund will be made.  If the organisation incurred further costs as a result of the false information, the client will be charged for the extra expenses incurred.






  1. Currencies

The currencies accepted are British Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros only.







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