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The Ideal Medical Conferences offer high quality Continous Medical Education (CME) and Continous Professional Development  programmes to multiprofessional healthcare workers and students throughout the year.  Our successful and well liked events are outlined below.  The various links to each programme are provided above on the menu on this page.  For more details for the events, please click on the link to the event on this page or follow the link in the various descriptions provided below.


Our Medical Conferences at a Glance

Ideal Joint London Medical Conference July 2024

Ideal Joint Annual Scientific Meeting and Medical Conference on Progress in Medical Practice - London, UK, 26 – 29 July 2024



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Ideal Joint London Medical Conference August 2023


IMPG Joint Sponsored 58th International Medical Conference - Progress in Medical Practice and Education in the Changing World, London, UK, 7 – 10 August 2024



Promoting Excellence in Patient Care and Education in the 21st Century.


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 Ideal Joint London December Medical Conference 2023


Ideal Joint 43rd International Medical Conference – Research and Innovations in Medical Practice and Education, London, UK, 21 – 22 December 2024.


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Ideal Joint European Conference, Bucharest, Romania, 25 - 26 October 2024

IMPG Joint 45th Sponsored International Medical Research and Innovations Conference, Bucharest, Romania, 25 – 26 October 2024.


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Ideal Joint  Bulgarian Medical Conference, Plovdiv, 21 - 24 November 2024




Ideal Joint 53rd Research and Innovations Medical Conference 2024


Plovdiv, Bulgaria

21 – 24 November 2024


Advances in Medical Practice and Education in the New World.


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Important Notice About the Ideal Conferences


Whether you're an organisation or an institution, a private individual or a group, make Ideal Medical Conferences  your first port of call for all your conference needs internationally.   Our motivated, kind and highly trained members will ensure first-class conference services, great teaching, research presentation and success.  You can count on our knowledge, reliable and friendly event environment. Take a look at our extensive range of conferences listed above: you'll be surprised at what we can do!

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