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About Ideal Medical Society (IMS)


Ideal Medical Society (IMS) is a Membership Service of Ideal Publishing Services. Which represents the interests of all those professionals that are engaged and work in medical practice ad healthcare sector, including students in these areas.


The IMS performs a number of important functions for its members, including education and advocacy, including undertaking research, education and innovative projects for the benefits of its members and the population.  The IMS also help set standards for excellence in medical practice and education.  It also helps to inform its members about new research and developments in the fields of medical practice, healthcare and education, and it assists doctors and other healthcare professionals in protecting the interests of their patients. The IMS keeps its members informed through journals, newsletters, Web sites, e-mail, and conferences. What this all means for patients is that if their clinicians belongs to IMS, they are tapped into a broader professional network whose mission is to inform members about the newest, best practices.



Types of IMS Membership and Fees


The Society has five categories of membership for which a fee is payable once a year starting from the anniversary of the date when your membership started:



Types of IMS Membership


Medical and Healthcare Student Membership


Nurses, Midwives and Therapists  Membership


Retired Professionals Membership


Full Professional Membership for Doctors, Pharmacists, Therapists and Dentists etc.


Corporate Membership




Please note that there will be extra 50% discount for applicants from developing countries.  Please contact for further information.  




Being a member of the IMS comes with a variety of benefits, which include:


  • Receipt of free copies of two major international and official journals of the IMS:  Innovations in Health Professions Education and Medical Practice,  and Medical Law and Ethics Journal.  





Membership Application Information


If you would like to be a member of the Society, request for the Membership Form to complete and send to us by contacting us at


You can also pay your membership via the online payment facility below.


Please note that there is a special reduced rate for certain healthcare professionals from some countries in Africa.  For more details, please contact:


You can also contact us by post at:  Membership Officer, IMS Office 156 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, UK. 


Please note that after receipt of the completed application form,  payment invoice for membership fee will be sent to you.  After receipt of the payment, your application will be processed.


Membership Pack will also be sent to you following successful processing of your membership application.


For more information, please contact





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